Presentation 1 (P1)

23 09 2009

Here are the presentation I gave last friday. It’s actually more like an updated version of the last “konsept beskrivelse”

Kristian Klaveness



Decision made, LOgO Next!!!

7 09 2009

So now it’s done. The final decision has been made. It ended up whit the shoe project whit a changeable shock absorber. I’m publishing a presentation PDF underneath, this is a more detailed presentation of the project (Norwegian). So check it out if you find it interesting.

konseptbeskrivelse press

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Decisions, decisions!!

3 09 2009

hjul beskrivTomorrow it’s Friday and by then I’m supposed to haw come to a decision about what I want to work whit this semester.  As you saw in may latest post I had to main Ideas, that I wanted to work whit, but as the last days went by, whit out managing to decide, I’ve come up whit a few more ideas (just to make thing a bit harder than it already is;).

-I could try to make a new collection for Klaveness. A new brand separate form Klaveness that could be owned by them.  This collection could try to reach a younger audience then Klaveness is trying to reach today. This would be a recharge of Klaveness.

– Another possibility is to make a shoe that can be used as a normal shoe, and by changing the over laying lather you can have a sandal on the same sole.

– The third idea is something that has nothing to do whit shoes. This is a mono wheel that you can stand inside of and use as a transportation aid. This might be a fun alternative for a bicycle, ore sk8board. I also imagine this being electrical so that you can role uphill as well.

So fare I haven’t come to a decision. I could really see a lot of fun in doing the wheel, but as I said in my last post I would like to do a project that went into production, and maybe some shoes would be a better fitted for that. But then again this idea has no earlier brand to take into consideration when developing a new one, so maybe it’s a good thing starting whit blank sheets. Under I’ve put in ruff Rhino sketch of the wheel and also a pros and cons list that I’ve made for all my ideas (unfortunately in Norwegian). So Tomorrow I will have made a decision, I let you know what it’s!

Kfordeler og ulemper

Recent assignments

1 09 2009

Her are some pictures from some of our last dlogoDSCN5290.JPG (1)DSCN5291.JPG (1)ays Small assignments.

Identity and interaction/ recharged

1 09 2009

SoleWell this fall is al about identity and interaction. Our assignment is to come up whit a product that in some way can be linked to the word recharge, and then build a brand around this product.

But I also haw personal a goal for this semester. I would really like to design a product that is real, that can be produced. So I had a chat whit my father, he runs a shoe factory so we thought maybe we could find a link between recharge and shoes. So far we only have to projects in mind.

One of them is an electric powered shoe that is self-heating. This shoe is meant for people that are having trouble whit their blood circulation in their feet. This is actually such a big problem for some people that they can’t go outside on cold days. But if we could find a good way to solve the many problems around this product this might also have a commercial potential.

The other concept is a sole that has a shock absorber that can be changed. This will allow the user to have a more custom fitted shoe for their need. As a shock absorber needs to be of a higher shore for a heavier person than it needs to be for a small person. The only problem whit this is that I really can’t find a mediate link between this and recharge.  So if you can think of any link between the to pleas let me know!